Honeybush Tea

© Agulhas Honeybush Tea
Honeybush growing wild on the Agulhas Plain, South Africa.

Honeybush is the name of an indigenous fynbos shrub in South Africa. The plant is a member of the Fabaceae (Leguminosae) family and has yellow flowers that emerge in springtime, usually from September to December. The sweet fragrance of the flowers strongly resembles that of honey. However, it is the vegetative parts of the shrub and not the flowers that are used to make a refreshing sweet-tasting herbal tea rich in antioxidants.

By Marinda Louw

Benefits of Honeybush Tea

Honeybush tea is available as a ‘normal’ tea and as a green, unfermented, tea. It has no caffeine and very little tannins. Therefore, unlike tea made from Camellia sinensis, honeybush does not develop a bitter taste on prolonged simmering....more

Honeybush Tea Production in South Africa

Honeybush tea is produced from mostly wild-harvested honeybush cuttings. The small fynbos-like shrubs of the Cyclopia species are indigenous to South Africa and produce a caffeine-free, sweet-tasting medicinal tea, that has been used for centuries...more

What is Honeybush Tea?

Honeybush tea is a caffeine-free, low-tannin tea made from the fermented leaves and stalks of an indigenous South African shrub. The plant material goes through a fermentation process, during which it changes colour from green to dark brown....more