HIV/Aids in South Africa

HIV/Aids is a modern-day dread disease that affects many people in South Africa and the world. It is a disease that knows no social class, boundaries, age or sexuality. The consequences of being infected also affects more than just the carrier, but also their families, friends and society as a whole.

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Mandela supporting HIV Positive campaign.

The HIV virus destroys blood cells called CD4+T cells, which are crucial to the function of the immune system. AIDs develops as a consequence of the HIV virus damaging the host body’s immune system to such an extent that it no longer works. In South Africa, HIV/Aids has reached epidemic proportions, with the country having an extremely high rate of its citizens living with HIV.

Due to the garnering of knowledge and experience, a large percentage of people, in South Africa, are being treated with anti-retroviral medication. Anti-retroviral’s prevent the HIV virus from replicating itself and thus contain the illness and prevent the virus’s ability to damage the host body.

However, anti-retroviral medicines are a lifelong commitment, as the virus is still alive and present in the patient’s body. South Africa Online ® provides insight into this epidemic and the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), shedding light on the treatment for HIV-infected citizens in South Africa, as well as the government’s role in providing assistance for those living with HIV/Aids.

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