Hilton College

Hilton College in the small town of Hilton, South Africa, is unique in many ways. Certainly no other school in the country can boast such a generous sweep of land, on which stands the beautiful complex of Cape Dutch-inspired buildings and stone Romanesque chapel, the stark white facades offset by the brilliant green and scarlet of coral trees in bloom; nor can any other school point to its own farmlands and plantations, not to mention its own nature reserve stocked with small game and birds.

Hilton College was founded in the mid-1800s, becoming one of South Africa’s top schools for boys. Today, it has a proud heritage and continues to mould future generations of pupils into great men of the country.

Hilton College in the 19th Century

Hilton, possibly more than any other historic school in South Africa, illustrates the efficiency with which the pattern of the Victorian public school was stamped on the highly individual character of the Natal midlands....more

Hilton College in the 20th Century

The year 1906 was a critical time for Hilton College. Archibald Pearce's sudden death had followed closely on the resignation of Weeks, and an atmosphere of unrest pervaded the school....more