HIK Abalone Farm

HIK Abalone Farm is a well-known abalone producer situated in Hermanus, Western Cape. They focus on the cultivation of excellent quality abalone in a sustainable environment, which is then made into a number of products and sold on the local and export markets.

The abalone farm was established in 1997 when their first grow-out platform was built, and a hatchery followed in 2002 to promote self-sufficiency. A second site started construction  in 2015 and now includes two platforms and a second hatchery.

HIK Abalone Farm has grown exponentially in the last two decades, and their current annual abalone exports exceed 300 tonnes with standing stock in excess of  300 tonnes. HIK Abalone Farm currently employs approximately 300 workers, 60 of whom are in mid- to senior-management positions. 

HIK Abalone Farm have strong marketing ties in various Asian countries, and they have been able to garner a large part of the cultivated South African abalone market. They also promote sustainability and social upliftment through technological advancements, education and diversification.

Their product and marketing philosophy is simple - to create an assurance of trust and loyalty customers, and thereby rewarding shareholders with long term sustainability and maximum return on their investment.

HIK Abalone Farm products include:

Canned Abalone
Dried Abalone
Live Abalone
Shashimi Abalone

Abalone Farming in South Africa

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