Exotic Leather South Africa

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Exotic Leather South Africa is a non-profit organisation that represents the various clusters of the domestic exotic leather industry. 

Exotic Leather South Africa is responsible for ensuring that the South African exotic leather industry is positioned as a research-based, sustainable and ethical source of exotic leather products according to local and international standards. Exotic Leather South Africa provides the exotic leather industry with a support structure while promoting the interests of producers and processors of exotic leather.

The organisation works in partnership with industry bodies such as the South Africa Crocodile Industry Association (SACIA) and the South African Ostrich Business Chamber (SAOBC) who represent the crocodile and ostrich industry respectively, to develop industry standards and benchmarks that can improve the development and long-term sustainability of the exotic leather industry.

Exotic Leather South Africa develops standards for the protection of resources and the upholding a system of accreditation to ensure that the participants in the South African exotic leather industry meet the national quality requirements and protect the economic viability of the industry.

Exotic Leather South Africa invests in scientific research in animal health, farming and production systems in order to improve skin quality, resources and technical development. This ensures the industry functions to uphold sustainable and ethical farming practices, production and processing methods and export requirements. 

The organisation acts as liaison between the industry, state officials, sub-association’s and industry partners to create a conducive space for research and market access, cultivate development and increase awareness and consumption of exotic leather production in both local and international markets.

Exotic Leather South Africa advocates for industry competitiveness in ethical and sustainable production and trading practices that will serve to improve the quality and standard of the exotic leather industry which in turn supports Exotic Leather South Africa’s overall mission.

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