Crocodile Farming in South Africa

Crocodile farming can be a capital and time-intensive industry that needs to conform to various veterinary and legal requirements. Commercial crocodile production focuses on the production of crocodile leather and as a less important byproduct, also crocodile meat.

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Crocodile farming for the production of superior quality crocodile leather can be profitable provided that aspects such as time, money, expertise and compliance to regulations are available and adhered to.

While poaching and a deterioration of water quality in their natural environment leads to a huge reduction of wild populations, crocodile farming can benefit nature in providing animals for restocking natural reserves but also opportunities for research to ensure an improvement in animal health and that of aquatic systems. 

This series of articles provides an overview of some aspects of crocodile farming in South Africa including the supply of crocodile products.

By Marinda Louw

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