Cotton SA

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Cotton SA provides a forum to industry roleplayers to assist and guide them. They promote the development of the cotton value chain, and offer support to cotton farmers around the country.

Cotton is a natural, renewable resource grown for the textile and industrial industries. From clothing to soap, cotton is a valuable part of society. The entirety of the cotton plant gets used for various purposes - the most important part is the fibre or lint, which is used to make yarn for cotton cloth. The linters provide cellulose for the production of plastics, explosives and other products, whilst the cottonseed itself is crushed into three separate products, namely oil, meal and hulls.

Cotton SA was created after the Cotton Board was dissolved at the end of 1997 under the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, 1996. It operates as a non-profit company performing various essential functions and fulfills the role of a mouthpiece for all vested interests in the production of cotton. 

Cotton SA is committed to providing its members with a plethora of resources, industry information, connections within local and international markets, and access to government divisions and stakeholders within the cotton industry.


Cotton is a versatile fibre crop and the most widely used natural fibre. It is not only used in textiles such as clothing, towels and bedding but in industries producing paper, ammunition, soap, furniture and tyres....more