Citrus Growers Association

©Louise Brodie
©Louise Brodie

The Citrus Growers Association of South Africa (CGA) has played a leading role in turning South Africa into one of the world’s biggest citrus exporting countries.

The non-profit company, established in the wake of deregulation in 1997, navigated the industry through the new regime and has since become the representative of citrus growers in general. 

The Citrus Growers Association’s main objective is to maximise the long-term profitability and sustainability of its members. On the marketing side, it facilitates efficient logistics, drives product and quality assurance, and promotes the South African citrus industry internationally via the Citrus Marketing Forum. 

The Association also drives citrus research, via the Citrus Research Trust, ensuring funding is adequate, sustainable and based on the needs of growers. The research is key to the industry’s sustainability and competitiveness in international markets. 

Besides this, the Citrus Growers Association drives transformation through the Citrus Academy and Citrus Growers Development Chamber. 

Citrus Types

The most popular citrus types farmed in South Africa include oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits and soft citrus. Oranges are by far South Africa’s biggest citrus type...more