Reasons to Visit the Cape Rock Route
Self Drive Route From Cape Town

The Cape Rock Route allows guests on their South African holiday to explore the geographical splendor of the Cape. This self-drive route is ideal for those who want to learn more about the natural history of the area and see ancient mountain ranges, rock art and geological wonders.

©Jacques Marais
Explore the Cederberg's wild mountain formations on this self-drive route.

Outdoor and nature enthusiasts are in for a treat on this self-drive route - let the Cape rock you as you climb monster boulders in Paarl, explore the Cederberg's wild mountain formations and end off with a day on the West Coast. 

The best time to go is essentially year-round, although spring and autumn are best, as the weather is warm but still mild. Be prepared for temperatures over 30°C in summer. Winter's cooler weather is good for hiking, but rain and snow can make the gravel roads more treacherous.

Before you go

This self-drive route is suitable for a saloon car (unless there's been some extreme bad weather), but a 4x4 would be more comfortable. Phone ahead to check the condition of the roads in winter. Cellphone reception is patchy or non-existent on this route, particularly after Day One. 

Walking the Sevilla rock art trail near Clanwilliam is tough in summer's heat, especially November to February. If you do it then, aim to start walking early - even at 5:00 - so you can be out of the sun by 9:00. If you're travelling in a tall camper or bus, make sure that you can pass under 3.8m - the height of an overhanging rock on Bain's Kloof.