Cactus Pear
Fruit Farming in South Africa

Cactus Pear is one of the most commercially important cactus species and versatile crops in the world, with almost the whole plant being suited for usage.

Its biggest attraction is the fact that it is extremely drought tolerant and therefore suited for planting in areas where most other crops would struggle to survive. 

In South Africa Cactus Pear are found throughout the country, but primarily used for feed and fruit production in arid to semi-arid regions, especially in the Karoo, Highveld and Eastern Cape. Its use for feed production has increased over the past decade as farmers search for ways to buffer themselves against the impact of climate change and droughts. 

South Africa Online ® offers a comprehensive and informative guide to local production, global and local sales, varieties and uses of cactus pears.

Cactus Pear as Livestock Feed

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Cactus Pear Production in South Africa

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