Aloe Ferox Production

Manufacturing Process

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Aloe Ferox leaves arrive from the farms and await processing at the factory.

The aloe ferox production process is something to behold. In this segment, the making of what is arguably the most useful all-purpose product will be followed in easy steps. This rigorous manufacturing process occurs at the production factory, located in Albertinia.

Step One

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Washing the Aloe Ferox leaves before milling and pressing.

The harvested aloe ferox leaves arrive from the aloe farm and await processing at the factory. The leaves are first washed before being moved on to the milling and pressing phase. The aloe ferox leaves then enter the milling machine.

Step Two

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Pressed Aloe Ferox leaf fibre with juice extracted, will be used for further processing either debittering or drying.

The milled aloe ferox leaves are now ready to be pressed and their juice extracted. Milled aloe is essentially aloe that has been ground to a fine pulp. Once the milled leaves enter the pressing machine the juice is extracted. The remaining pressed aloe leaf fibre, once all the juice is obtained, is processed once more either for debittering of drying.

Step Three

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Pectin is extracted from the debittered Aloe Ferox fibre.

The pressed aloe ferox leaf fibre that is used in the debittering phase is placed into debittering tanks along with chopped and pressed fibre chips. The naturally occurring plant substance called pectin is extracted from the debittered fibre. Concurrently, fresh aloe ferox leaf chunks are air-dried.

Step Four

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Bottles filled with aloe ferox health drink and labelled.

The extracted aloe juice is used in the production of an aloe ferox health drink, which is bottled and labelled. Additionally, aloe ferox liquid components are spray dried to form powdered products.

The remaining aloe ferox leaves, that were not pressed, are filleted by hand.

Aloe Ferox Products

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Products of the Aloe Ferox plant.

The multi-level production of aloe ferox yields an array of commodities with medicinal properties. These commodities are generally used either externally or internally. The products are first presented as raw materials that include the following: aloe ferox fillets, bitter fibre powder, bitter crystal matchheads, bitter raw sap, liquid gel, non-bitter fibre.

The raw materials are cultivated from:

The green epidermis (top layer of skin) which is dried and milled to produce the bitter and non-bitter fibre.

The bitter sap, which is abundant in aloin and found beneath the skin, and has antibacterial properties. Powder, crystals and other products are made from this substance.

The aloe ferox fillet is packed with amino acids, vitamins, minerals and a host of other beneficial properties. Fillets are generally used in the production of skincare products and health beverages.

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