Yellow-billed Duck

© Shem Compion


Yellow-billed duck (Anus undulata)

Yellow-billed Duck Appearance

Both sexes of the yellow-billed duck are alike. The yellow-billed duck has darkish to grey plumage, with a darker head. The bill is bright yellow and the eye is yellow. A distinguishing green speculum is visible (a patch of iridescent colour on the wing of ducks).


The yellow-billed duck is a dabbling duck (ducks that feed mainly at the surface rather than diving and feeding underwater). This duck feeds mostly on plant matter and to a small extent on insect larvae and snails.

Yellow-billed Duck Breeding

Monogamous. It builds its nest in thick grass close to the water's edge. The clutch is normally between 6 and 12 eggs.

Yellow-billed Duck Behaviour

Outside of the breeding season, the yellow-billed duck is highly gregarious and forms large flocks. Feeds mostly late afternoon and into the night.

Distribution and Habitat

Found across South Africa and is a common resident on most open, still bodies of water. Will wander during the dry season to find suitable water.