Yellow Arum

© Roger de la Harpe


(Yellow) arum lily (Zantedeschia sp)

Arum Lily Description

The arum lily usually blooms in October, and it is a perennial herb. Its rootstock has many buds and is a fleshy rhizome. This plant is not eaten or used in any medicines or treatments.

Arum Lily Habitat

The arum lily prefers areas of full sun in grasslands, savannas and fynbos biomes. They are usually not found in partial shade and grow in regions with seasonal rainfall.

Field Notes

Of the eight species of Zantedeschia, seven are only found in Southern Africa. One species, the Zantedeschia albomaculata, stretches to south-central Africa and Tanzania. The Zantedeschia elliotiana species can only be found when cultivated. The Zantedeschia species are found in areas of summer rainfall. The Zantedeschia odorata, however, grows in Nieuwoudtville in a winter rainfall region, and the Zantedeschia aethiopica is common in marshy areas.

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