Peaceful Coastal Escape

The small, peaceful town of Witsand is located at the mouth of the Breede River, in the Western Cape. Witsand is virtually synonymous with the Southern right whale, as the bay is an important nursery for the whale.

©Jean Tresfon
Aerial view of Witsand and Breede River mouth, Western Cape Province.

One of the greatest concentrations of Southern right whales comes here to calve every year. A 4 km long beach and surroundings of the Cape Fynbos Floral Region World Heritage Site contribute to the town being popular for fishermen and holiday-goers alike.

The landscape makes for exciting trails, and the Breede River flowing into the sea allows great fishing opportunities. The dynamic environment of river and sea, dune fields and fynbos, abundant animal life and geological structures contribute to Witsand being a gem to visitors and residents.

Activities in Witsand

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History of Witsand

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