White Eared Barbet

© Nigel Dennis


White Eared Barbet - Stactolaema leucotis

White Eared Barbet Appearance

The white-eared barbet is a medium sized barbet at around 18 cm in length. This is the only chocolate to brown coloured barbet in South Africa. The upper parts of this barbet are brown to chocolate in colour, with a white belly and a broad white eye stripe. The heavy, typical barbet bill is black, along with the eye.

White Eared Barbet Diet

The white-eared barbet eats predominantly fruit, but will eat insects.

White Eared Barbet Breeding

The white-eared barbet excavates a hole in a tree, with a small entrance hole, around 5 cm, mostly in dead trees. This barbet is a  co-operative breeder with up to 6 birds helping.

The lesser and scally-throated honeyguide is the brood parasite for the white eared barbet.

White Eared Barbet Behaviour

The white-eared barbet is normally found in small groups of 4 to 6 birds and is a sedentary bird.



Distribution and Habitat

White-eared barbets are found from Durban northwards along the KwaZulu Natal coastal belt, into Mozambique, in evergreen coastal forests.