Watersports in South Africa

©Karl Svendsen
Kiteboarding in Big Bay, Western Cape.
Surfing in Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape.
©Roger de la Harpe
Canoeing on Lake Sibaya in KwaZulu-Natal.

Watersports are fun and challenging activities done in water, particularly the ocean, dams and rivers. South Africa is a popular destination for many watersports, done both for leisure and as part of a competition. Activities are usually set in great locations with wonderful scenery across the country, with the western and eastern coast offering amazing spots perfect for watersports.

Watersports include anything from surfing, kiteboarding, surf skiing, bodyboarding and stand-up paddle boarding to waterskiing, canoeing, kayaking and rafting. These activities are specific to certain bodies of water, so if you are on a coastal holiday in SA, you’ll take part in surfing and kiteboarding rather than waterskiing, which is usually done on a dam.

Wherever you choose to vacation in South Africa, there are various local shops that offer lessons in watersports, as well as rentals. Whatever you fancy, you can rest assured that your watersporting needs will be met!

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