South Africa Bird Guide
Bird Behaviour and Birding Facts

The South Africa Bird Guide offers a wide range of bird behaviour and birding facts that will interest even the most reluctant student. The actions of a bird in response to environmental situations with differ from species to species, but gives insight into the lives of nature's high-flyers.

From bird monogamy, to feeding, interactions with other birds, catching parasites and decoding why birds sing, the Bird Guide is designed to answers all questions regarding the behavourial patterns of South Africa's birds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Birds

Southern Africa has one of the most diverse ranges of bird species in the world. The different climates, vegetation types, and habitat reflect greatly on the more than 900 species of birds in Southern Africa....more

Bird Feather Hygiene

As important as a well maintained aircraft is to a pilot, so too are well cared for feathers to a bird...more

Bird Monogamy

Birds have to catch food and feed their chicks directly as they have no internal source of nourishment like the mammary glands of mammals....more

Bird Song

When a bird wishes to vocalize, it contracts its lungs sending a jet of air through the syrinx and by vibrating the fleshy membranes it controls the pitch and tone of the sound....more

Birds of South Africa to Look For

Although the red winged starling, Onychognathus morio, is found mainly in mountainous areas, where its mellow, whistling call is everywhere, it happily roosts and breeds in cities...more

Birds: Food and Feeding

Because eating seeds are much like eating dry biscuits without any milk, doves are very water dependent and can be found in droves at waterholes early morning and late afternoon....more

Birds: Precocial and Altricial

One of the criteria that help ornithologists divide the bird kingdom into different groups is the condition of their young when they hatch. Chicks will either be altricial or precocial at birth....more

Brood Parasites

Brood parasites are birds that make use of host parents to brood and rear their young. They do not build nests of their own nor do they play any parental role in raising their offspring....more

Collective Feasting of Birds

Birds of different species of birds, frequently associate in mixed feeding parties and are found together in what is known as a ‘bird party’....more

Colour in Bushveld Birds

In order to survive in the animal kingdom, an individual must find enough food to sustain itself while avoiding danger in the form of predators....more

Cooperative Breeding in Birds

Co-operative breeding is a system employed by many species of birds, and a few mammals, which has developed over evolutionary periods of time because these species breed more successfully...more

Feather Functions

Birds have feathers to enable them to fly, another feature virtually unique to them amongst warm-blooded creatures (except bats)....more

Symbiotic Relationships in Birds

Symbiosis refers to a protracted relationship between two species, where one of the species may either benefit from the association, be negatively affected or not affected in any way....more

Wetland Birds of South Africa

South Africa is a dry country; its rivers are often stretches of sand rather than of flowing water....more