Small Antelope

© Robert Hofmyr
Three species of small antelope are commonly encountered in the Lowveld bushveld of South Africa: the common duiker, klipspringer and the steenbok. Often these antelope are mistakenly identified as being one of the other two species but simple variations in appearance, habitat and habits can help to tell them apart.

By Megan Emmett

How to Identify Common Duiker

The common duiker has a host of common names including common, grey and Grimm’s duiker....more

How to Identify Klipspringer

‘Klip’ means rock and ‘springer’ means jumper in Afrikaans and they are descriptive of this antelope’s rocky habitat and its exceptional agility moving over such terrain....more

How to Identify Steenbok

The steenbok is brick-red in colour with noticeable white underparts. Its colloquial name is derived from the Afrikaans word ‘steen’, which means brick because of its red-brown colouration....more