Megan Emmett

Megan Emmett has a deep and abiding passion about the intricacies of the South African bush. After studying for her Conservation Degree, a Masters in Environmental Management and years of field guide training Megan branched out into the entertainment industry where she is currently the senior producer for the SABC wildlife programme 50/50.

Megan Emmet has authored numerous natural history books which include If Trees Could Talk and Game Ranger in your Backpack. Her books are both informative and entertaining, allowing for easy identification and understanding on the inhabitants of life in the bush. Megan enjoys the editorial interpretation of her experiences, contributing regularly to magazines such as Africa Geographic.

Megan is happy out in the bush, stalking game, birdwatching, or enjoying the bush vistas sipping on a cold gin and tonic.

To purchase Megan’s book Game Ranger in Your Backpack you can go to: Amazon Takealot Briza