Services of Dragon Fruit South Africa

The Dragon Fruit South Africa Forum offers a free platform for all dragon fruit farmers to actively engage in conversation with one another.

With a constant focus on its main objective to create a sustainable dragon fruit market in South Africa, Dragon Fruit South Africa is actively involved in the cultivation, propagation, and the sale and import of dragon fruit cuttings to anyone interested in planting dragon fruit for personal use, establishing their own dragon fruit farm or expanding an existing farm. 

Dragon Fruit South Africa specialises in two main varieties of dragon fruit - the Vietnamese Sweet White (white flesh variety) and the Thailand Red also known as Ruby Red (red flesh variety). Both varieties grow fast with high yielding crops suitable to various regions of South Africa. These dragon fruit varieties are available for sale as individual cuttings but also in larger wholesale packages for commercial large scale farmers and smallholding farmers. 

It encourages open discussion and the exchanging of ideas, information and knowledge on dragon fruit farming practices and management such as harvesting and planting techniques and fertilizing methods.  

In addition to this, the DFSA forum also links prospective and existing dragon fruit growers with one another but also with potential buyers. 

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit Farming is a relatively young industry in South Africa, local dragon fruit farms show huge potential to deliver substantial am...more