SA Boer Goat Breeders Association

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The SA Boer Goat Breeders’ Association was established on 4 July 1959 at Somerset East in the Eastern Cape to promote and protect the interests of Boer goat breeders.

Groundwork for this started in 1950, when Somerset East farmers, Theunis Jordaan of Buffelsfontein, Theunis Botha of Grootfontein and Theunis Kruger from Dirkskraal investigated the plausibility of such an association. At the time, they decided against it because of the shortage of breeders with boer goats of the desired genetic material.    

In 1959, three other farmers asked Kruger about the possibility of establishing a Boer goat breeders’ association. These farmers were Piet van Dyk, who later farmed at Doornkraal in Middelburg in the Western Cape, Syce Botha of Roodekranz in Somerset West and Corrie Oberholtser of the Northern Cape. 

Kruger in response advertised nationally that a founding meeting for a Boer goat breeders’ society would be held on 4 July 1959, for which 16 farmers pitched. A committee was appointed to draft breed standards and a constitution, which were both accepted at a subsequent meeting on 16 October 1959. 

Theunis Jordaan was elected as the first chairperson and fulfilled this role until 1968, which Syche Botha served as secretary from the start of the SA Boer Goat Breeders Association until 1982.

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