Red-billed Firefinch

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Red-billed firefinch - Lagonosticta senegala

Red-billed Firefinch Appearance

The red-billed firefinch is a very small bird at around 10 cm in length. The adult male red-billed firefinch has a pinkish red crown, breast, nape and face, the lower belly and undertail coverts are a buff colour. The male has a white to yellow eyering. The female lores, upper tail and rump are pink, with the rest of the plumage a brown sandy colour. Both sexes have a pink to red bill and a red rump.


The red-billed firefinch is a seed and insect eater.

Red-billed Firefinch Breeding

Red-billed firefinch are monogamous and build a ball-shaped nest made of grass, low to the ground. The two to six eggs hatch around 12 days after being laid.

Red-billed firefinch are a host for the village indigobird (Vidua chalybeate)

Red-billed Firefinch Behaviour

Red-billed firefinches are gregarious and are often found in small groups. They are quite common across their range, but are quite secretive and can be difficult to spot.



Red-billed Firefinch Distribution and Habitat

The red-billed firefinch favours acacia savannah containing rank grass and thickets. This small but colourful firefinch can be seen across the central area and the northern parts of South Africa. The red-billed firefinch can be found in the Northern Cape, along the Orange River.