Raisins SA

©Pawel Kuzniar

Raisins South Africa is an organisation committed to the promotion of raisin production both locally and internationally.

They aim to support the raisin industry and create new expansions and recapitalisation initiatives to further grow its supply base.

Raisins SA was established in 2013 after the restructuring of the Dried Fruit Industry in South Africa (previously known as Dried Fruit Technical Services) to better serve its members. During the course of 2018, a final decision was made to move under the umbrella of Hortgro Services and to embark on a new path to establish and grow the industry’s individual identity and capacity.

The restructuring was concluded towards the end of 2018, and in January 2019 Raisins South Africa’s new Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) was officially accepted by the registrar of Companies in South Africa.

Raisins SA’s mission is to generate value for members and stakeholders through the improvement of the raisin industry’s productivity and profitability. With a growing and competitive industry, the organisation aims to promote South African raisins as a premium quality brand internationally. Their long-term strategy involves the continuous growth of production volumes, increased research projects, and the expansion of local and global partnerships. 

The organisation represents around 1 000 raisin producers, with 90% situated in the Northern Cape, and 10% in the Western Cape.


Raisins are dried grape berries and the word raisin is, in fact, the French word for grape. Raisins are produced commercially, by drying harvested grape berries, and are generally sweet, due to their high concentration of sugars....more