Mountain Biking in Simon's Town

Cape Point Route

To follow the epic Cape Point mountain biking route, set off from the Table Mountain National Park entrance gate from Simon’s Town, passing the Olifantsbos turn-off 1.9 km.

©Jacques Marais
Mountain bikers on the Cape Point Route.

Turn right 4.9 km towards Gifkommetjie, continuing along the circular section past the viewpoint until you again T-bone with the main route to Cape Point 12.3 km. Just on 2.8 km later, a signboard to the right 15.1 km will indicate the turn-off to Platboom, a nice little downhill stretch to the sea 17.3 km. Breathe in the fresh air and then head back up to the main drag 19.5 km and cruise on towards Cape Point.

At 21.3 km, hit a right towards Maclear Beach and the Cape of Good Hope 24.7 km. Finally, time to climb back out and up to the main road 28.1 km and turn right - you’ll know you’ve arrived when you encounter the tourist buses and attendant baboon troop 3.2 km later.

Red Hill Route

©Roger de la Harpe
After a day of cycling, head back to Simon's Town for a quick bite at one of its restaurants along the coastline.

Red Hill will never rate up there with the likes of Tokai in the Southern Suburbs, but as it is within easy reach of Cape Town, it makes sense for the MTB crowd to know where and what it is. Start from Pine Haven Village along a tarred road, descending gently past an old farmhouse before turning left 2.5 km past Lewis Gay Dam.

Pass through a metal boom at the dam wall, climbing along a steep, sandy jeep track. At 3.3 km, turn right and crank along a gnarly downhill section, across a stream and over Elsies River along a wooden boardwalk bridge. 

Continue up the valley to a T-junction at the top 6.5 km where you turn right. Follow the eroded track in between some peaks to the Glencairn expressway - either head back, or complete a circular route via Glencairn and up Red Hill on tar.

Here is a relatively new section of track on the western side of the Glencairn expressway; superbly bermed, and with butt-clenching table-tops, jumps and huge drops - which links the purpose-built XC here on Black Hill.

By Jacques Marais

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