Mountain Biking in Middelburg

Buffalo Gorge

Buffalo Gorge, 35 km from Middelburg in Mpumalanga, is the type of destination where you can mountain bike all over the farm and the surrounding roads at will. Crank it up along an 18 km MTB loop following the 4x4 route, crossing a couple of streams along the way. A few climbs will get you to some route markers indicating three potential options.

©Jacques Marais
Mountain biking in Buffalo Gorge.

Either turn left up the hill to the abseil site for great views over the Avontuur Valley and Selons River; turn right to circle back to base camp; or continue straight on for a longer ride. 

Should you choose the latter route, you will reach a dam and wetland area, before following the game fence line to a small waterfall. (A portage down to the Wild Plum Tree and cold fountain is an option here). The trail flows all the way down from the top, joining the main track back to Buffalo Gorge. 

The ride back can be slow and steady, or you can hit the speed hump at full pace and pray not to die! Grading ranges from easy to difficult. Buffalo Gorge has a campsite with ablutions and self-catering accommodation. After riding, relax in the ‘Bos Jacuzzi’, go on a horse safari, try abseiling and rock climbing, or go on a hike.

By Jacques Marais


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