Making Food Choices
Food Security in South Africa

There are many factors that influence the way we make decisions. When it comes to food, our cultural backgrounds, financial status and wiring of the brain all play a part in choosing what to eat and when.

©Eric Miller explores the way we make our food choices as well as different cultural contexts that shape food preferences and customs.

Addicted to Food

Regardless of what drives us to eat, and then eat some more, the satisfaction that some foods give us will trigger the reward centre of the ...more

Cultural Backgrounds Impacting Tastes

Food inflation impacts the access to food. But once a family has that food, other factors determine how they choose to use that food, which ...more

Preference for Non-essentials

It seems surprising that cash-strapped households would allocate even a part of what little they have to what seems like the non-essentials....more

Preparing the Evening Meal

On Sunday morning, Thabiso Qhasane’s last day at home before he packs and heads off back to Carltonville to sign up for another year of wo...more

Traditional Cooking

Meat recipes are conspicuous by their absence from many traditional recipes. AmaXhosa reared animals like cattle, goats, sheep and pigs both...more

Women-headed Households

When Cornelia’s second marriage ended, she learned the hard way how vulnerable a woman can be as a single-income unit. With it came a loss...more