Hout Bay

Hout Bay is often called the Heart of the Cape, a 20 minute drive from the Cape Town city centre, almost halfway between Cape Town and Cape Point. Houtbaai, named by Dutch explorers, literally translated means Wood Bay. 

©Jean Tresfon
Aerial view of Hout Bay, Western Cape, South Africa.

Some of the explorers described Hout Bay as having the most beautiful forests they had ever seen. The timber was used to help build the fort at Cape Town and the subsequent port that grew to become Cape Town city. In love with the sea and nature? Charter a boat and do close-up viewing of seals and shipwrecks, or go on deep-sea fishing and fly-and game-fishing excursions.

Enjoy a trip to watch seals on Seal Island, or board a luxurious catamaran cruiser and enjoy a variety of exclusive cruises. Hout Bay is a fantastic sea-side neighbourhood that offers something for everyone, any day of the week.

Explore Hout Bay

"Hout Bay is one of the most beautiful areas in the world" - say the proud locals, who refer to themselves as living in ‘the Republic of Hout Bay’. From Llandudno, Victoria Road leapfrogs over a low nek and winds down into the self-styled Hout Bay....more

Hout Bay Village

Hout Bay is a popular tourist destination. It has beautiful, safe beaches, and a number of well-marked walking and hiking trails. The working harbour, built in 1930, has fishing boats landing their seasonal catches on the quayside daily....more