Fast Facts About Cheetah

Acinonyx Jubatus

©Karl Svendsen
2 m head to end tail, 0.8 m shoulder
40 - 60 kg
16 years
Open plains and savanna woodland without thick undergrowth
95 days
Number of young
1 - 6 (ave 4)
Medium to small antelope or young of large antelope also a wide range of ground birds and small mammals including guineafowl, bustards, hares, porcupine, and ostriches.
Lions, leopards, hyena

What is a King Cheetah?

©Nigel Dennis
At some point in their recent history (about ten thousand years ago), cheetah went through a population bottleneck resulting in the fact that there is very little genetic diversity amongst all the cheetahs in the world.
A recessive gene in cheetah occasionally causes a deviant colour form in which the usual spots of the cheetah merge to form lines down the body and flanks of the animal. So impressive is this varied colouration that these animals have been dubbed ‘king cheetah’.

By Megan Emmett