Diving in Sodwana


The dive spots at Sodwana are mostly on coral reefs with a variety of soft and hard coral. A host of different sceneries can be expected with gullies, swim-throughs, and pinnacles – the site is also noted for its technical diving.

©Johan Boshoff
A diver and frogfish at Sodwana Bay.

The reefs here provide dives from Open Water to Trimix dives. It is best to plan dives early in the day because the wind usually picks up in the afternoon. The sea then becomes very choppy and visibility is lowered. Visibility is usually good throughout the year but is notably better in the winter months.

Marine Life

©Johan Boshoff
Clownfish hiding in a sea anenome.

Marine life mainly consists of tropical reef fish and pelagics, but between October and February each year, migrating whales and whale sharks frequent the area.

Between November and January, ragged-tooth sharks come and rest at Quarter Mile Reef. night dives can be arranged but must be booked in advance though nothing can be guaranteed if the conditions are not conducive to diving. Summer water temperatures: 21-27°C. Winter water temperatures: 19-24°C.

Launch Site

©Johan Boshoff
Heading out for a dive at Uniform Reef in Sodwana Bay.

Sodwana Bay is located in a Marine Protected Area, thus visitors have to pay a gate fee, per person, per day, to access the beach. If you plan to visit the parks of KwaZulu-Natal regularly, it is advisable to buy an annual Rhino Card which will save you a lot of money on entrance fees.

The launch site at Sodwana Bay is protected by big vegetated sand dunes on the landside and helps to yield strong winds. The surf launch is usually quite easy with small waves but it shouldn’t be underestimated. Parking is available and the beach is within walking distance. Ablution facilities, a beach shop and a takeaway shop are available right on the beach. The wearing of life jackets is compulsory with every launch from the beach.

Diving Facilities in Sodwana

Air fills, nitrox fills, trimix fills, gear rentals, equipment sales, dive training and specialty courses.By Johan Boshoff