Digestive Problems of Pigs
Pig Farming in South Africa

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Pigs should receive a balanced diet, with feeding ingredients not being too fine or coarse.

There are various signs that a pig may be suffering from digestive problems: diarrhoea, vomiting, constipation, hard dry dung with mucus, bloody dung, belly pain, pigs not wanting to eat or eating excessively but not gaining weight.

Common Digestive Problems of Pigs

Abdominal pain in pigs may be caused by stomach ulcers, organ displacement, constipation and some diseases, such as African swine disease. Stomach ulcers may develop for various reasons....more

Diarrhoea in Pigs

Diarrhoea is a serious problem that can result in the death of pigs if left untreated. Farmers should look for signs of diarrhoea, such as loose dung that is pasty to watery, before cleaning a house....more

More Digestive Problems in Pigs

Constipation usually occurs in late pregnant sows, with possible signs including hard dry faeces, a humped back or pigs straining and groaning in pain while passing faeces with little or no production....more