Collared Sunbird

© Shem Compion
Female Collared Sunbird


Collared sunbird - Hedydipna collaris

Collared Sunbird Appearance

Collared sunbirds are a sexual dichromatism species. (The male and female have different plumage). This sunbird is around 10 cm in length with a shorter bill compared to the other sunbirds, found in Southern Africa.

The male collared sunbird has a yellow belly with glossy green upperparts and a narrow blueish-purple breast band.

The female collared sunbird has duller green upperparts and a yellow belly. The female has essentially the same colouring as the male, but with no purple breast band.


Collared sunbird are monogamous. The female builds an untidy pendant shaped nest of grass and leaves. The nest is often built very close to wasp nests for protection from monkeys.
Collared sunbird are a brood host to Klaas cuckoo’s.



Collared Sunbird Distribution and Habitat

Collared sunbird are found in evergreen forests, dense woodlands and gardens. They are common park and garden visitors. The collared sunbird can be seen in the eastern parts of South Africa.