Natural Splendour - Activities
Cederberg, Western Cape

Plenty of options are a must when your heart is eager to explore and experience the unknown - which is exactly what awaits you at Cederberg Ridge Wilderness Lodge.

Walking and Biking

Dust off your walking shoes and get ready for some scenic on-foot exploration. These walks on a ‘wilder’ side, if you will, can be guided and also done in solitary if you feel so inclined. Walks take on average from 45 minutes up to 3 hours. The dedicated walking trails can be undertaken from your lodge or from the Cederberg Wilderness Reserve and will meander through local fynbos and interesting geographical outcrops.

The farm itself also offers several walk pathways leading up to the popular Spitzkop peak. So if this appeals to you, take your camera along to immortalise the sweeping views that are just begging to be captured. Walking maps are available at the lodge.

For larger groups, more intense full-day hikes are an option, which can be arranged with the dedicated staff before you arrive at Cederberg Ridge. Additionally, this offer is dependent on availability as it falls outside of the standard bouquet of walking trail packages.

Mountain biking trails are also available for guests looking for a bit more speed while outdoors. The lodge has mountain bikes ready for use if you don’t want to bring yours along. Biking trails range from easy - under an hour - to challenging trails that would pique the interests of the more experienced cyclist. There are biking maps and markers on the rocks dotted along the dedicated paths for added visibility.

Cederberg and West Coast Tours

At this lodge, two full-day Cederberg tours are on offer for guests to partake in - discovering the wonderful aspects of the Cederberg area. The High Cederberg tour encompasses navigating the best of the Cederberg mountains with a drive through the mountain pass, admiration for the various ancient rock art including a scenic picnic along a riverbank or a swim in one of the natural rock pools in the area. This day out and about culminates in a delectable wine tasting at a local award-winning wine cellar.

Then the West Coast & Muisbosskerm Open-air beach restaurant is crafted for guests hankering after a cuisine experience. En route to delicious seafood lunch in an oceanside setting, you will either visit an oasis for birds called Bird Island or stop by a Rooibos tea farm for a sampling of South African’s proudest export. Whatever one you experience, you are certain to have an enjoyable laidback time.

Both of these tours follow a set programme and occurs once every three days.

San Rock Art Tour

A guest favourite, the San rock art tour, which is a guided walk allows guests to witness the ancient rock paintings rendered by the San - indigenous people who were the first inhabitants of the Western Cape, South Africa. The Cederberg area has over 2 500 sites populated with these ancient works of art. Depicting their lives and daily practice, these artworks gives the viewer insight into a bygone era. Coupled with a guide, you will learn about the San culture whilst surrounded by rugged beauty.

This bespoke walk takes approximately 4 hours.

Boat Cruises

On the Clanwilliam dam you can drift off on a boat cruise, which is ideal during the warmer months. Add in an invigorating swim, beach-style picnic nibbles and you have the making of a delightful moment.

Other water-based activities are also on offer like private fishing trips as well as private water skiing escapades. If you are new to water-skiing but eager to dabble, lessons are available to get you up on the skis with water-spray refreshing you as you blaze into the sunset.

Farm Tours

Not forgetting the rich heritage of Cederberg Ridge lodge, there is also a lovely farm tour ready to be enjoyed by guests looking to glimpse South African farming practices. The farm tour navigates the table grape and citrus farms, which includes a visit to the pack shed. Occasionally the farm tour ends off with a visit to a local educare centre. The centre is located on the farm The aim of the educare is to prepare these young children for primary school. Education, after all, is the gateway to an empowered life.

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