Winelands of Paarl
Cape Winelands in Style

The Paarl winelands border Stellenbosch to the north and northeast, opening up into a broad valley with granite outcrops of Paarl Mountain at its centre.

Contemporary Classics

©David Rogers
The northern flanks of the Simonsberg mountain on the Paarl side gives rise to the Simonsberg-Paarl wine area.

Because the area is further inland from the coast, it is hotter and drier, with a Mediterranean feel, and it favours rich, spicy, fruit-driven reds reminiscent of the Rhône and south of France. 

But different soils and cool, high-lying slopes on the Paarl side of the Simonsberg also produce white wines of classic elegance. Although historically a winemaking area, the Paarl Valley has become home to a new breed of progressive vintners who are exploring new varieties and styles.

By Wendy Toerien


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