Kruger Park Picnic Heritage Sites

Picnic Sites

©Nigel Dennis
Dawn over plains at Tshokwane, Kruger National Park.
Tshokwane Picnic Site - James Stevenson-Hamilton said: “In 1902 a large number of native kraals stood in the vicinity, but a series of drought years had gradually pushed them westwards to the better-watered country outside the reserve. By 1910 only old man Tshokwane himself, with his family, remained. He was a man of between 70 and 80 and a mine of local history. After Tshokwane’s death, in about 1915, his family moved away, and the place was left entirely to the wild animals.”

Afsaal Picnic Site - An old outspan on the Old Transport Road, this modern Kruger National Park picnic site boasts an intact, if crumbling, ox-wagon on site. Food, drinks and snacks are usually available.

Makhadzi Picnic Site - New picnic spot built to serve traffic between Letaba to Giriyondo border post. Contains an interesting series of info boards on the cross-border region and Steinaecker’s Horse (the irregular troop that patrolled the area during the Anglo-Boer War).

Old Shawu Picnic Site - Disused picnic site and tea room, named after one of the area’s famous ‘Big Tuskers’. Located near Boulders.

By David Fleminger