Health of South Africa

South Africa’s public health system is a network of medical care across the country, providing access to treatment for all South Africans.

South Africa is well-known for its medical innovation. South Africa invented the world’s first digital laser and the first full-body X-ray scanner. South Africa also performed the world’s first heart transplant way back in 1967 and more recently the world's first male genital transplant. shares relevant information on health current affairs in South Africa, in order that everyone can be aware and improve their knowledge.

Breast Cancer: One in Nine

One in nine women contract breast cancer in South Africa. This statistic takes into account the high prevalence of HIV and TB....more

HIV/Aids in South Africa

HIV/Aids is a modern-day dread disease that affects many people in South Africa and the world. It is a disease that knows no social class, boundaries, age or sexuality....more