De Grendel Wine Estate

De Grendel is a wine estate of principle. Their famous family lineage, ethical farming practices and love for crafting exceptional wine are what defines them. With lush vineyards in the Durbanville Wine Valley, De Grendel is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s top wine producers in the Western Cape.

De Grendel Wine Estate is an award winning South Africa wine estate and restaurant, boasting beautiful vistas of Cape Town from an elevated position atop Tygerberg Hill. De Grendel Wine Estate is renowned for its amalgamation of age-old traditions and modern innovations. A careful balance between science and art is kept; grapes are allowed to flourish in a pristine environment, ensuring that the winemaker can work their magic on top-quality grapes turning a simple alcoholic beverage into something special. 

Charles Hopkins, the cellarmaster at De Grendel, is the passionate frontman of the estate’s wine production. Known as one of South Africa’s most esteemed winemakers, Hopkins ensures that every bottle of wine produced in the De Grendel cellar lives up to its legacy. 

De Grendel produces phenomenal wines that range from crisp whites, flavorful reds and blush-hued rosés to sparkling MCCs. Their endless list of local and global awards speaks to the sublime character of their wines, as well as their commitment to creating a superior palate of flavour and quality with each sip.

By Carla Lottering


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