Rondebosch Attractions

Rhodes Memorial

On the slopes of Devil’s Peak, Rhodes Memorial stands as a grand tribute to Cecil John Rhodes. The view from the site is gorgeous, looking out over the Cape Town area, the distant Atlantic sea and Helderberg and Hottentots Holland Mountains.

©Roger de la Harpe
The Rhodes Memorial in Rondebosch.

The monument was built in 1912 in the area where Rhodes used to go for horseback rides and contemplate life. 

The architects who worked on the monument were the famous Sir Herbert Baker and Sir Francis Macey. It was built with granite from the rock bases upon which the mountain rests, incorporating Doric columns in classic style.

The monument is guarded by 8 large lion statues alongside the 49 steps that lead to an outlook area. It is surrounded by lush forestry and makes for a great hiking and mountain biking stop. There is also a restaurant at the top of the monument for a light meal and a superb view. 

Baxter Theatre

Baxter Theatre was built by the University of Cape Town (UCT) when the late Dr. Baxter donated a sum of money to the institution to nurture the arts in Cape Town.

The theatre opened in 1977 with a main theatre seating of 666 audience members. The Concert Hall seats 683, and the intimate Sanlam Theatre seats 162. The stage venue as well as various producers have received numerous awards for outstanding local theatre and production. 

Baxter stages Classical music, opera, comedy, dance and dramatic performances. Seasonal festivals are also staged throughout the year. This theatre in Rondebosch also hosts workshops over the weekends that teach acting, theatre sports, traditional dance songs and modern dance to kids and teens. 

Groote Schuur Estate

©Roger de la Harpe
The Groote Schuur Estate in Rondebosch.

The Groote Schuur Estate in Rondebosch used to be the home of Cecil John Rhodes, who was a prominent figure in South African society during the 19th century. It was refurbished by famous architect Sir Herbert Baker in later years.

The fascinating estate is filled with original colonial buildings, and houses a museum with memorabilia from the 1800’s.

The garden on the estate is quite spectacular, with endless rolling lawns and beautiful mountain slopes vegetation. There are a variety of plants that grow in the garden, and visitors who stroll through can spot cannas, hydrangeas, fuchsias and bougainvillea flowers.