Orania is located along the Orange River in the Karoo region of Northern Cape Province. The town is split in two halves by the R369 road, and lies halfway between Cape Town and Pretoria. 

©Eric Miller
Orania's town mascot is a statue of a boy rolling up his sleeves to work.

In a multiracial nation finally united, Orania is a bit of an anomaly: it's a small town with surrounding farmlands, where only white people can live or work. But not just any white people - they must be Afrikaners. According to a 2014 census,1 085 inhabitants live here, realising their Afrikaner Volkstaat ('homeland') dream. Orania has the only fully organic vineyards in Southern Africa, a sophisticated dairy farm and cultivates and exports Pecan nuts.

History of Orania

Orania, originally built in 1970 for construction workers on the impressive Orange River Project, stood empty for years until a group of Afr...more

Orania's Way of Life

Orania is privately owned by Vluytjeskraal Aandeleblok company (VAB), run by its own board of directors. Ownership of plots and houses is in...more