Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay lies on the southern coast of South Africa halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, and is a sheltered coastal village, once a haven for European sailors in the early days of exploration of the African coast.

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Back in 1488 the explorer Bartolomeu Dias anchored in the Bay of St Blaize – ‘Aguada de Sào Bras’ as it was originally known. Mossel Bay was then developed as a busy export harbour for wool and ostrich feathers. The climate in the Western Cape is typically Mediterranean and is usually warm and dry in the summer and mild and moist in the winter. Rain is frequent during the winter months.

Bartolomeu Dias Museum in Mossel Bay

Historically speaking, Mossel Bay is the place where Bartolomeu Dias first planted his European-shod feet on African soil. He took this giant leap to access a stream of fresh water, which he spied springing out of the slopes facing the bay....more

History of Mossel Bay

The name Mossel Bay is derived from the Dutch for Bay of Mussels. One account has it that explorer Cornelis de Houtman gave Mossel Bay its name after stopping there in 1595....more

Mossel Bay Activities

Mossel Bay is an Indian Ocean harbour village situated along the Garden Route in South Africa’s Southern Cape region and is renowned for warm, dry and stable weather. Mossel Bay is considered to be the western edge of the Garden Route....more

The Historic Mossel Bay

Historically, Mossel Bay is a very important town. It was where Bartolomeu Dias first landed on South African soil, and it has popped up in the annals of our history over and over again....more