Coastal Escape

©Ann Gadd
Hangklip Bay is a secluded spot of coastline near Pringle Bay.
©Ann Gadd
Scenic ocean view at Hangklip.

Hangklip is a beautiful stretch of coastline that lies at the southern extremity of the Hottentots Holland Mountains. The Hangklip mountain marks the eastern end of False Bay. The small community of Hangklip live right on the shoreline, surrounded by indigenous vegetation and stunning views of the mountain ranges.

Originally named Punta Espinosa (Thorny Point) by early Portuguese navigators, the 454-m-high mountain was later renamed Cabo Falso (False Cape) as it was sometimes mistaken for Cape Point during bad weather conditions. To the Dutch, it resembled a hanging lip, and so they called it Hanglip, later renamed Hangklip. During World War II, Hangklip was the site of a radar station built to keep a watch for German vessels.

Tourists travelling along the eastern coast of the Western Cape should make a stop at Hangklip Bay, which is a secluded beach area. The coastline is absolutely breathtaking and offers amazing photographic opportunities. Its proximity to Cape Town makes it the ideal coastal escape for those wanting to break free from the busy city life and experience tranquility by the ocean.