Farm Workers Years Later
Farm Labourers in the Swartland

Aziza’s Wedding

©Tracey Derrick
Piet and Louisa 2012
Proud parents, Piet and Rosalie Booysen at their daughters, Aziza, wedding in 2012.

Chauffeur for the Day

©Tracey Derrick
Hein, Piet’s son, Aziza’s brother gets behind the wheel to take his sister to the church.


©Tracey Derrick
Louisa Syster with her great-granddaughter.

Here Comes the Bride

©Tracey Derrick
A radiant Aziza arriving at the church.

Newly Weds

©Tracey Derrick
Hendrik and Louisa Syster with their newlywed granddaughter, Aziza.By Tracey Derrick