David Bristow

David Bristow on an expedition.

David Bristow is a photojournalist and one of South Africa’s most experienced nature and environmental travel writers. Affectionately known as The Eardstapper (an Anglo-Saxon word for a wandering warroir-hero), Bristow is often referred to as a walking enviro-pedia. 

Bristow earned an honours degree in journalism at Rhodes University, and started as a journalist in Johannesburg, working for The Star and The Sowetan before realising a desk job was not his destiny.

He then went on to become a full-time travel photojournalist. After serving as editor of Getaway travel magazine for 14 years, he took a three-year sabbatical to complete a master’s degree in environmental sciences.

David Bristow has an abiding passion for all things pertaining to nature, culture, travel, history, Africa and philantrophy. As a dedicated storyteller. he is an expert on the Cape and its many stories - whether comedic, dramatic, racy or historical, Bristow can weave current issues, international trends and local anecdotes into any story.

David currently resides in Cape Town with his partner. and has recently added to his series “Stories from the Veld” with his latest offering. Of Hominins, Hunter-Gatherers and Heroes: Searching for 20 Amazing Places in South Africa (Jacana Media, 2019) , which takes readers on an unbridled ride through a bucket list of must-see places in South Africa.