David Bristow
Stories and Publications

David Bristow is the author of more than 20 books, including works such as: Been There Done That, Running Wild, Riding the Dragon’s Spine and Best Hikes in South Africa. Bristow has travelled from Antarctica to Alaska, Hillbrow to the Himalayas, and through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Kenya, to name a few.

©David Bristow
Bristow's publication, Riding the Dragons Spine, details the mountain biking trails of the Drakensberg.

Exceptional Expertise

Bristow's successor at Getaway magazine, Don Pinnock. has commented on the writer's exceptional expertise on the country's natural surroundings: “It’s unlikely there is anyone better traveled than him, and his knowledge of the Cape and indeed all of South Africa is encyclopedic.”

©David Bristow
The launch of Bristow's book Running Wild was held in 2017.

Bristow is well-known for his series “Stories from the Veld”, which follows a collection of about 20 curious characters from southern Africa, present and past. The second publication, The Game Ranger, the Knife, the Lion and the Sheep was released in 2018, and his latest offering, Of Hominins, Hunter-Gatherers and Heroes: Searching for 20 Amazing Places in South Africa was released in 2019. It is written in the same engaging style as The Game Ranger, and takes readers to 20 must-see destinations in South Africa.