Reasons to Visit Cape to Cape Point
Self Drive Route From Cape Town

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s premier tourist destinations, and there are numerous reasons to visit the Mother City. It’s a melting pot of modernism and sophistication, mixed with eclectic, old-timey architecture, interesting residents, a food culture of note and an art scene to die for. 

©Jean Tresfon
Cape Town has various activities and attractions for all.

No day in Cape Town and its surrounds is ever the same. There is always something happening - surfers meet up with businessmen at a beach bar after a long day or working or playing hard, while friends hike up one of the gorgeous mountainous trails to see the sun set over the city. Couples wine and dine each other at world-renowned restaurants, and adventurers run or cycle to their favourite coffee place to meet friends or family. The Mother City truly is a fascinating combination of people enjoying the ocean, the mountain and the city centre, and has an activity or attraction for everyone.

Around the Cape to Cape Point is a great place to start your Cape Town adventure. The route has many amazing stops for you to enjoy, and it will give you insight into the lives of Capetonians - it’s a city that knows how to take things slow, yet it never sleeps. Whether you are wanting to reconnect with nature, experience city life, shop like a tourist or just explore this gorgeous area, a self-drive route from Cape Town will not disappoint.

The immersion into the culture of Cape Town is another great reason to visit the area. Here, remnants of the country’s past blends in with the modern metropole of the city centre, where residents from all walks of life work and stay. This self-drive route will take you into the heart of the city’s history, and allow you to better understand the vibrancy of the area.

If you’re interested in a dichotomous city with lots of nature, art, history, music, food and design on offer, around Cape to Cape Point is the self-drive route for you.