What Sounds Do Nyala Make?

Alarm Calls

©Roger de la Harpe
Due to their choice of habitat, nyala have developed a deep bark, which is given in response to danger. Sound is easily absorbed in dense thickets but the lower frequency of the bark is less likely to be muffled by the vegetation.

The alarm call of a nyala is also likely to set nearby impala into predator-avoidance action and vice versa. Nyala also react to kudu and baboon alarms.

Nyala regularly follow troops of foraging baboon and monkey in order to benefit from their leftovers and other potential edible items knocked down from the trees. Nyala relish fallen flowers and fruit.


©Roger de la Harpe
Nyala ewes emit a strange clicked vocalization when they come into oestrus. This and urine testing will convince a bull of her condition, at which time he will attempt to convince her of his intentions by following her around and nuzzling her between the legs often lifting her hindquarters right off the ground in the process. Ewes will avoid actually mating with a bull until the final few hours of their period of receptivity and in this way, it provides opportunity for the more dominant bulls to supplant the less favourable individuals.

By Megan Emmett