Mussel Farming in South Africa
Marine Aquaculture in South Africa

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Black mussel farming is a big industry in South Africa, producing a nutritious high-protein source of seafood.

Mussel farming in South Africa is based on two mussel species, the indigenous black mussel and the exotic Mediterranean mussel. This industry contributes about 50% to South Africa’s marine aquaculture production and is based in Saldanha Bay on the West Coast of the Western Cape.

South Africa exports mussels mainly to other African countries such as Namibia (50%) and Mauritius (20%) and imports mussels mainly from China.

How to Farm Mussels

The term ‘mussels’, refers to both freshwater and seawater bivalve molluscs - double-shelled snails - which filter-feed on algae from the surrounding water, usually in the intertidal zone....more

Mussel Production

Mussels are commercially farmed in Saldanha Bay on the West Coast of South Africa, an area known for nutrient-rich seawater in a naturally sheltered bay....more

Mussel Products from South Africa

Mussel products from South Africa include whole live mussels, half-shell mussels, mussel meat and a variety of processed mussels such as crumbed mussels....more

Potential of Mussel Production in South Africa

A feasibility study ‘Oyster and Mussels Aquaculture in South Africa’, prepared by Advance Africa Management Services for the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) in 2017 has developed a financial model for mussel farming....more