Fast Facts on Lions

Survival Tactics

©Peter Delaney
Lions are the largest African carnivores. They are also the only social cats in the bushveld. By cooperating in prides, lions are able to kill bigger animals or improve the chance of a successful kill where there is little cover. They are also able to improve the survival of their young through cooperation.

Panthera Leo

©Shem Compion
Male: 1,2 m at shoulder
Female: 1,1 m at shoulder

Males: 190 kg (up to 260 kg)
Females: 130 kg
Male attains max weight at 7 yrs, females at 5 - 6 years old (declines as they get older)

10 - 14 (18 max) years – females live longer, males killed or die at about 10 years old

Wide tolerance, even penetrate into deserts along dry river courses. Require barest of cover to stalk and adequate medium to large sized prey animals.

110 days (3.5 months)

No.of young
Ave 3 (1 - 6)

Mammals from mice to buffalo (even elephants), birds up to the size of ostrich, reptiles, insects, fish and carrion. Common prey species: giraffe, wildebeest, zebra, impala, waterbuck, warthog and kudu.

Hyena, man, other carnivores and pythons take cubs

By Megan Emmett