Heavisides Dolphin

Name :Heaviside's Dolphin

Scientific Name :Cephalorhynchus heavisidii

Class : MammaliaFamily : Delphinidae

Order : CetaceaAnatomy Biology : Anatomy & Biology

Shape : The adult's body is stocky, with a grey cone-shaped head; the melon is rounded and the snout is not distinct.

Fins : The fins are black. The dorsal fin is low, triangular, and median. The pectorals are small and black, measuring 12 to 18 percent of the animal's body length. The lower edge is serrated in the adult. The caudal fin has a median notch.

Length : The adult measures 1.50 - 1.70 metres and 80 cm at birth.

Weight : Maximum weight 75 kg and weighs 9.5 kg at birth.

Colour : This dolphin is generally blue-black dorsally, with a grey cape on the head and thoracic region. The stomach has a grey flame with four well-defined uncoloured areas; a sort of white collar between the pectorals and a white stain divided into three branches starting at the level of the pectoral fins and extending to the anal region. Some totally albino animals have been observed.

Diet : It feeds on squid and fish living at the bottom of the sea.

Population : This species is considered rare.

Habits : It has been spotted swimming both slowly and fast, sometimes jumping out of the water. Occurs in small groups of up to 20 individuals, but may at some times and in some areas, occur in groups of more than 150.

Distribution : It lives off western coasts of southern Africa (up to1 600 km of shoreline), from the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Cross in Namibia and as far north as southern Angola.