Arts & Culture

Bokkoms - Something Fishy

African safari , Something Fishy - In a series of articles about unusual African food, Carrie Hampton takes us in search of something very fishy up the West Coast of South Africa. It is hard to believe that demand...more

Craft Centres, South Africa

On South African holidays you can find exclusive hand-made crafts in most areas. Almost every town and city has craft markets with plenty to choose from...more

Cultural Overview of South Africa

With a dynamic fusion of African, European and Asian influences, South Africa is a unique experience of culture, food, language, music, art and theatre...more

Cultural Villages, South Africa

Cultural villages offer a way to experience a taste of African life and history on South African holidays. They are also known as “historical villages.”...more

Religious Sites and Shrines, South Africa

There are often many religious adherents who travel to South Africa to attend church services and conferences or listen to African gospel music...more

The Art of Swaziland

Beautiful rolling green hills, tropical palm trees, frequent cattle in the road, laughing children waving with both hands – these are my fond and...more

Township Tours, South Africa

Visiting one of many townships on South African holidays is an experience that will open your eyes to lifestyles of the biggest portion of the population...more

Visual & Performing Arts

With a dynamic fusion of African, European and Asian influences, South Africa is a hotbed of originality and creativity. This is particularly evident in...more

Winemaking in South Africa

The Cape is clearly a region made for the vine and the will and passion to make fine wine has grown as steadily as the vineyards that creep higher and...more