Postmasburg, Northern Cape Province, South Africa

Postmasburg is situated in the Northern Cape and is characterized by beautiful green foliage, tranquil dams and bubbling fountains. Postmasburg was founded in 1892 and named after Reverend J Postma, the founding member of the Dutch Reformed Church.

Postmasburg also had its own diamond rush which started in 1918 after the first diamond in the area was discovered, resulting in an open cast mine. By 1935 the mine was permantely flooded, resulting in Postmasburg's very own 'Big Hole', just like in Kimberley. This hole is about 45 meters deep and teeming with fish.

Postmasburg is also a rich archaeological site, with few findings in this beautiful area. Blinkklipkop, meaning 'Shining Rock Hill' shows indications that the Khoisan attempted mining in the area from as early as 700 AD. Another great place to visit is the Witsand Nature Reserve, boasting sprawling white and red dunes. This area is abundant in flora, found nowhere else in the world and unique birdlife.

Postmasburg is also home to some incredible architecture and many historical sites. An old stone Reformed Church dating back to 1908 can still be found in the area. The Reverend Dirk Postma's statue can also be found nearby.

A spectacular gun known as 'Howitzer Gun' is located at the civic centre and honours the men of Potmasburg who died during the Second World War. Adventure lovers do not fear, Potmasburg boasts thrilling 4x4 trails, hiking and biking in the area.